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    What to Expect

    Each course will have a class syllabus and will provide you with the module objectives and the tasks to be accomplished in each module.  You'll need to earn a required score on each to successfully complete the course. All activities need to completed in their entirety in order to receive the completion certificate at the end of the course. This is important to note in order for your online ND Educational Hub Record to reflect completed work by the user. You are always welcome to contact your instructors with questions. Lets get started! Please read through the course informationsyllabusset up your profile, and introduce yourself.

  • Introduction to the Course

    Burnout Cure Book Cover

    This course will explore The Burnout Cure by Chase Mielke. Special attention is given to practical applications for teachers in and out of the classroom, including techniques to use with students.

    Please contact Leah Johnson (Leah.johnson@k12.nd.us) for additional questions or accommodations needed for the course.

    • Review the syllabus for more course specific information along with grading policies for the course.

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      Please post  and share with the class your name, school, years of experience and a fun fact about yourself that not many people know! Feel free to attach a photo if you wish! 

      Please also include a short summary of  what you hope to get out of this class.

      One Discussion Post is required for completion of this activity.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Issue of Burnout

    Before beginning this section, read pgs. 1-12 (Introduction)

    • In this article from EdSurge, explore the topic of teacher burnout more carefully. Make use of the linked resources within the article itself. Learn more about the variety of causes of burnout to increase your understanding of the issue for teachers everywhere.

    • In the introduction to the book, Mielke reminds readers of critical questions and caveats to reducing burnout. What are some questions you might add to his list? What are your thoughts about the causes and effects of teacher burnout both in and out of the classroom?

  • Module 2: Chs 1 and 2 (Goodness and Mindfulness)

    Before beginning, read chapters 1 and 2 (pgs. 13-50).

  • Module 3: Chs 3 and 4 (Gratitude and Finite Framing)

    Before beginning, read chapters 3 and 4 (pgs. 51-82).

  • Module 4: Chs 5 and 6 (Optimism and Empathy)

  • Module 5: Chs 7 and 8 (Forgiveness and Altruism)

  • Module 6: Chs 9 and 10 (Calling and Ambitious Acts)

    Before beginning, read chapters 9 and 10 and the Conclusion (pgs. 149-189).

  • Module 7: Call to Action and Next Steps

    In this module, you will reflect on what you have learned and think about how you will take that new learning into the future. This module is intended for you to create personalized, actionable steps focused on supporting yourself and your career in the years to come.0

  • Course Wrap Up and Final Activities

    Once you have finished the course and received your Completion Certificate, please email a copy of the certificate to leah.johnson@k12.nd.us to receive directions for obtaining credit for the course.